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-Special thanks to pictures and information contributors
I really want to thank all the people taking time to inform me when they discover a new picture. It is this solidarity and sharing of interests that makes the Internet such a fantastic media.
80% of the pictures on this site were brought to my attention by visitors of this web site. Thank you !!

-Carsten again, for the April 5 2003 update with the high quality german magazine pictures.

-Henry for sending some pictures from Nascar .

-Linda Tresham from www.iluvmags.com .

-Neal again, for 100 new clippings

-Carsten, from who I bought ALL the Brenda Schad's pictures publised in Germany's Elle and Vogue Magazines from 1987 to 2000.

-Neal, from who I bought the 200 Brenda Schad clippings for sale on EBay (and thanks to Meghann -again- who found they were for sale).

-Melissa and Scott for sending me the pictures of Brenda with Jeff Gordon.

-Meghann for the spiegel pictures.

-Meghann who informed me about an old Elle from september 1992 auctioned on Ebay, and Benjamin Guffens from Belgium, who sold me the magazine plus the max from 93 where I found some of the sexy pics added on August 22-2002.

-Renee from of http://www.reneesimonsen.com/.


-All the people who informed me about the splendid pictures in august'98 GQ magazine.

-Ford Model agency.

-SAGE, Paul Brown, Philip Gray, Bernd Fishcine, JC99, Clayton, John T, Mr 88 Sylvain, Ross Cullen, Jim, Olivier Bondzio, Ivan Jimenez and Igor Beuker for sending new pictures or information.



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