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-Why this site ?
Just few words to tell you that Iím not just a Brenda Schadís psychotic fanatic.

I love female beauty, and Brenda Schad is really uncommon and particular. I admire her beauty, and I respect her work.
This Web site is for me the best way to gather new pictures of my favorite top model, while sharing them with the internet community and beautiful women lovers. I hope this site will also contribute to spread Brenda's popularity.

I want to thank all the people who are sending me new pictures and info about Brenda Schad. It's always a pleasure to check my Email and discover that someone in the world has found a new picture and came back to this site to inform me.

-Benj the Webadmin

(Note: When the new compression format JPEG2 will be available, I will redo totally the web site and publish all the pictures in their full size Ėmuch bigger- format which I canít actually because of bandwidth constraints. )

I made my first Brenda Schadís web site back in summer 1997. At this time the site was really ugly and not surfer friendly. It was hosted in France, Paris, where I live. But the access for foreign visitors was really slow so I decided to move it on a USA free host service: xoom.com (early geeks might remember ;) ).

At this time the xoom hosting was completely free and even ďaddĒ free (can you believe it ?) before it was bought by NBCI. The site increased in popularity and people from all around the world were sending me new Brenda Schadís pictures.
The site (called then ďThe first, the only Brenda Schadís web site) was the first site solely dedicated to Brenda Schad, and it contributed to spread most Brenda Schadí s pictures you can find on other web sites now.

Unfortunately, in late 2000 (or early 2001 I don't remember) the free host removed the site with no warning and so the site was offline for quite some time.

Now, on this 15 July 2002 the Brenda Schadís web site is back online. I have now a very good host (futurequest), a domain name and an image gallery manager to make your experience on this web site ergonomic and pleasant.


-Why this site is the most complete ?
Brenda Schad pictures are rare. Unfortunately Brenda is not as popular as Cindy or Naomi. Before starting this web site I only had a couple of pictures.

You canít possibly find more pictures on the net about Brenda Schad than you will find on this web site, because I routinely explore the web and as soon as a new picture is found it is added to the site. People from all over the world also come to this web site to report when a new picture is published.

Here is the explorations I perform frequently in order to find new pictures:
-Multi-searches on lots of internationals meta and directories search engines
-Complete Usenet binaries scans (present and back to 1995 full archives)
-Web Images bank scans
-Movies actresses' databank scans
-Regular Ebay scan and auction participation

So trust me, after visiting this site, you can be sure you donít need to go somewhere else to find more Brenda Schadís pictures. Of course, if you find a picture I donít have (on the web or on a fashion magazine feel free to contact me ).

Thanks for reading,




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